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Kate’s first career was as a publisher of childrens’ non-fiction books. After several years in publishing she began looking for a new challenge and worked her way through law school to become a lawyer.

Kate has been a litigator for most of her legal career. She knew she had made the right decision the first time she stood before a judge advocating for her clients. It is a responsibility she takes very seriously.

Kate’s approach to advocacy and litigation reflects her previous business experiences. Representing clients is about listening to the client’s needs, clearly defining the issues involved, identifying legal options and obstacles, and discussing with clients the costs and benefits of the various options. Through experience, Kate has learned that zealous advocacy is not always about going to court. Litigation can be a long, expensive process with no guarantee of success. Working with clients to negotiate fair outcomes can be preferable to proceeding to court and incurring additional fees.

Kate earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Boise State University, her Master of Arts degree from the University of Michigan, and her Juris Doctor from The John Marshall Law School. Kate was admitted to practice of law in 2000.