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In 1967 when Bob became an attorney he saw a painting in a lawyer's office that greatly influenced his career. The painting was of a cow. Pulling on the tail was an English gentleman who was labeled "Plaintiff." Pulling on the horns was a similarly dressed person who was labeled "Defendant." Beyond the cow in the regal black robe and wig was the Judge and sitting on a milking stool milking the cow was a person labeled "Lawyer." The title of the painting was "Litigation." A copy of that painting is in our reception area.

Since then Bob has kept his focus on what is best for his clients and not what is best for the firm. He does not believe attorneys should make a decision for a client but rather should explain the options available and the legal ramifications of those options. The client can then make an intelligent and knowledgeable decision.

Bob has tried to keep our practice human and personal. He does not use file numbers, he use our clients' names. He prefers to have a real person answer the phone. He has evening hours for appointments since many of our clients cannot come to the office during the workday.

Many times at the conclusion of a conference Bob is told by the client that they are glad they talked with him and they feel better for doing so. Bob may not have told them what they wanted to hear or he may not have devised a brilliant legal ploy but he did advise them the easiest, least costly, least time consuming, practical solution to their problem. Bob does not "milk the cow."

Bob graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1964. His law degree was obtained from University of Illinois Law School at Champaign, Illinois. Bob and his wife Trish have been married since 1969. They have three children and nine grandchildren. Bob handles most of the transactional work in the office, i.e. sales of businesses, real estate transactions, etc. Bob also does estate planning wills and trusts. Bob is a past Chairman of the DuPage County Real Estate Law Committee, former General Counsel to the DuPage Board of Realtors (now known as the Mainstreet Organization of Realtors) and a frequent speaker at seminars on real estate and estate planning topics.