Our Illinois Title Insurance Services Provide Peace of Mind

Real estate transactions are notorious for having stacks of legal documents to sign. It may feel excessive to buyers or sellers, but every document serves a purpose — usually to protect one party or the other. Our Illinois title insurance services are designed to protect your rights and ensure a smooth transition of property from buyer to seller.

Among the documents the seller must bring to a closing is the deed to the property. It is important for every buyer to be certain there are no outstanding taxes or liens on the property, and verify the title is cleared and insured by the title company. The experienced real estate attorneys at The Law Offices of Borla, North & Zaba, work with buyers, sellers, developers, banks and other entities to ensure the title is accurate and clean.

What is Title Insurance?

Illinois law requires that a seller provide a title insurance policy to the buyer in any real estate transaction. Title insurance ensures the seller is the lawful owner of the property and has authority to sell it, and the property does not have any tax liens or judgments against it.

Title insurance provides reimbursement up to the amount of the policy for any costs incurred by a buyer who must defend his or her ownership. It also covers claims brought against the property. This coverage lasts as long as a buyer maintains a financial interest in the property.

Learn More About Our Illinois Title Insurance and Real Estate Services

Our title insurance services are just one way our lawyers help provide peace of mind to clients who use our real estate transaction services. We also review contracts, negotiate repair issues, help establish time of possession, and explore and explain tax consequences.

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