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Zaba Law Group, PC, in Downers Grove, Illinois, combines the skill, experience and tenacity of attorney Wesley Zaba. Together, they provide sophisticated, comprehensive advocacy focused on meeting the needs and protecting the interests of our clients.

Our lawyers have years of experience, and have demonstrated the legal skills and dedication to personal service that get results. We know the law, the court system and how to find workable solutions to your problems through negotiation and litigation.

We promise maximum availability too, and we are accessible for any sudden questions or concerns you might have during any phase of your case.

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Wesley C. Zaba

Phone: (630) 442-0520
Fax: (630) 598-0892
Attorney Wesley Zaba focuses his practice on real estate law, estate planning, family law, corporate, and divorce law. He has helped thousands of clients purchase and sell real estate since he began practicing, and has represented individuals and businesses all over the Chicagoland area. Read More
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